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Goals, we all have them. We all have to make it to the weekend, not fall asleep in a business meeting. Rarely, however do we give serious thoughts to our fitness goals.
We treat fitness as a purely recreational activity. The truth of the matter is, if we gave some thought and attention to our fitness goals, we could achieve things we previously thought were impossible.
Here are some keys to goal setting that often go overlooked:
One- assess the situation that led us to the goal setting crossroads (health issues, looks, confidence)
Two- Understanding the sacrifices in order to achieve our goals
Three- Setting a timetable. Setting too long term of a goal will cause us to forget or give up. Implement short term goals to help you stay on track.
Lastly, constantly remind yourself of your goals by practicing every chance you get.
Practice makes perfect and also builds general confidence in our decision to embark on this journey.
Proper goal setting keeps us diligent and keeps us honest. Keep a journal, write down a serious goal for yourself, track your progress and discover the new you.