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RunnerIt is easy to distract yourself with all sorts of meaningless diversions. It’s much better to challenge yourself to create meaningful value.

Diversions can be interesting, informative and enjoyable, and they certainly have their place. But don’t let them steal large chunks of your life away from you.

If no one, including yourself benefits from what you are doing, its time to change what you are doing. Make the choice to value your time by making the choice to get real value from it. You are worthy of the very best in life. So step away from the meaningless diversions, and work to create the very best, most fulfilling moments, days, months and years

Be curious, filled with wonder,  and open to all the beauty life has to offer. At the same time, be continuously purposeful and focused on creating meaningful Value.

Life is amazing. Make the most of every opportunity to make it even more so.