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The fear of failure is also the fear of success. If you hold yourself back due to fear of failure then you will be cut off from the possibility of success.

Achievement requires effort and effort often results in disappointment. Yet that is really not such a bad thing. In fact , disappointment does not have to hurt you or even slow you down. Instead of making a big deal about it, you can choose to continue making your way forward. 

With no risk there is no reward. Take the risk, make the effort, get past the disappointments and work your way toward the rewards. Don’t seek failure, but don’t fear it either. Act with confidence, knowing each failure that may come will bring you closer to success. Instead of worrying that you might encounter disappointment, put your energy, awareness, and effort into doing what you can do. Even when you get it wrong, keep going, and before long you will get it right.

Ralph Marston