Group Runs and Track Workouts

Group Runs:

We are ramping up our group runs to include workouts. See link on SFTC Facebook page for the group run schedule.

Information updated 5/8/19


Check out our Group Run Calendar by clicking here.

If you want to be a Group Run Leader, Send an email to: Group Run Coordinator

Responsibilities for a Group Run Leader consist of: 1. Planning a route for 3 to 10 miles (10 mile option only necessary for Sat) 2. Being there on time and making introductions for any new members 3. Putting water stops out every 2 to 3 miles and retrieving them after the last runner is through ( we will provide a canister of powdered Gatorade for you to mix ) 4. Staying until the last runner returns and we know everyone is safe. 5. Encouraging the newer runners and not leaving anyone behind unless they prefer to run on their own.

*Keep checking back for changes to the group run schedule!*