Group Runs and Track Workouts

Week of April 23 – 29:

This Weeks Group Runs:
Monday 6pm- Riverfront Park
Tuesday 4pm- Boyertown Community Park
Wednesday 6pm- Amity Park
Friday 5am- Parkerford Trail Head
Saturday- Saturday’s Group Run will be held at Green Lane Park Meet by the restrooms near the ranger station at 8am. Charmaine Merkel will be the host. Check in with her. Please respond here if attending. Bring your own beverages.

Click here to see the results of the Group Run Survey.


FYI Group runs are not limited to Monday/Wednesday/Saturday
If you want to host a run, just place it on the spreadsheet (See link on SFTC Facebook page). Our goal is to have Group runs 7 days per week at various locations.

Information updated 4/23/18


Check out our Group Run Calendar by clicking here.

If you want to be a Group Run Leader, Send an email to: Group Run Coordinator

Responsibilities for a Group Run Leader consist of:
1. Planning a route for 3 to 10 miles (10 mile option only necessary for Sat)
2. Being there on time and making introductions for any new members
3. Putting water stops out every 2 to 3 miles and retrieving them after the last runner is through ( we will provide a canister of powdered Gatorade for you to mix )
4. Staying until the last runner returns and we know everyone is safe.
5. Encouraging the newer runners and not leaving anyone behind unless they prefer to run on their own.

*Keep checking back for changes to the group run schedule!*