Runner of the Month

June 2017

Richard Mitchell

I have been running for a long time.  I remember being in my first race in junior high where I ran a leg of the 4×400 relay, my team won even though we dropped the baton. I could always run fast, but running long distances was not my thing.  Bicycling long distances was though.  I started doing triathlons out of college with a couple of work friends, for this I had to start running longer distances.  I got into all kinds of fitness activities but family put the breaks to my running and triathlons for a while, and I started back doing run races 4 years ago when my kids got old enough to drive themselves everywhere (and I was turning 50).  Since then I have done everything from 1 mile to 13.1 miles, but that elusive 26.2 is haunting me.  Sometimes I think I am too big to run a full.  I am 6’4” and was 210lbs, but I have dropped 20 lbs in the last 2 years and it seems to help with avoiding the repetitive injuries?  I will try again this fall.

What do I like the most about the SFTC?  First – not trying to kiss ass but the coach is fantastic.  I enjoy the teamwork I see when we run speed drills at the Hill School on Wednesday nights.  I also enjoy the comradery of being with the other runners of the club.  I really feel great when I see or hear about the members who have accomplished a running goal with the help of the club.  I also am glad that coach has decided to put the race info on the back of the medals this year!  I think I am the member who lives the farthest away – 25 miles. So while I am not around that often, it isn’t because I don’t care to be, it’s just a distance thing.

Favorite Race – Broad Street 10M.  Straight and flat.  I do not want to have to think while I am running.

Future Goals – My Buzz Lightyear moment – To infinity (26.2) and beyond.

I do not do music anymore when I run.  I have tested this, and I run faster in races when I am unplugged.  I also was invited once to run with a group of Amish and Mennonites at a full moonnight run, and ran with my headphones in, and I think I’ve been shunned since doing that.

My Favorite Quote: “So Hum” – which is a meditation mantra that means a reflection of the sound of the breath but also carries a contemplative meaning: “I am that”. Here, “that” refers to all of creation, the one breathing us all.  Therefore, for me this has meaning in the running I do, with the people I run with.

May 2017

Susan Flavin

We could not think of anyone more fitting to be our First selection as Runner of the Month. Susan is one of the most positive and encouraging women you could ever want to be associated with. Her drive and determination to be a better athlete every single day is an inspiration to anyone who comes in contact with her.

She did not start running until she was 47 when challenged by a High School friend to do a mud run, her ego could not let herself be embarrassed and trained for 8 months like most of us train for marathons.

The woman who was a 2 pack a day cigarette smoker can now call herself a marathoner and soon to be Half-Ironman Finisher.

Since that First mud run she has completed 6 Half Marathons, a few 10k’s, countless 5k’s and numerous Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons.

Susan quotes that after she completed that first race, she immediately signed up for another event and through a friend was introduced to Sly Fox Track Club and was instantly attracted to the encouragement, humor and friendships she found. Some of her closest friends (Ruth and David) she met through the club. Those three began meeting at 4:30am to run because that’s when their schedules permitted them to train, this group became known as the vampire group throughout the club.

While Susan really never kept track of her pace daily, she does know she was running 13:30 per mile when she started and now she is comfortable at 9:50-10:15 pace. In fact at this years Love Run she shaved 15 Minutes off of her time from two years earlier. WOW!!!!

Favorite Race– Marine Corps Marathon

Future Goals

Sub 30 Minute 5k

Sub 4 Hour Marathon

Full Ironman Triathlon

Favorite Song at the Start Line– Right Now- Van Halen

Favorite Song at the Finish Line- Kryptonite-3 Doors Down

Susan’s one Tip she would like to share

For me I can’t run every day. I don’t perform well at this point in my development. So I work in other Cross-Training Distance Cycling, Swimming, and core work. It has made me a stronger runner, and less prone to repetitive injuries.

Susan’s Favorite Quote

There will be a day when you cannot do this. TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!!

This was given to me by a dear friend the night before Marine Corps Marathon, I carried it on a piece of paper in my phone case for the entire race.

This sport has changed my life, and has given me more great experiences than I could ever give back. I do try to give back when time permits volunteering for SFTC events and runs/My children Mia, Liza and Adam have learned that this is fun, and even more so when you run with friends. The people in SFTC have been great examples for them. You cannot buy or teach that, and it doesn’t come from organized kids sports, that’s for sure.